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Feasibility Studies

We specialize in a common sense approach to the feasibility of a potential new sports facility. Rather than relying on national averages we base our reports on information gathered in market that we filter through actual experience in operating arenas and stadiums and bidding on and producing sports events. In other words, we know what is likely to happen by drawing on personal experiences.

Our feasibility studies are divided into two parts:

  • Market Analysis
  • Financial Analysis

We also divide our project costs between these stages. Why? If the Market Analysis concludes that the proposed facility may have difficulty achieving its objectives, there is little reason to continue on to the financial analysis. This approach saves time and money for our clients. It also results in saying “no” to what might have already become a pet project for local promoters. At DSA we have recommended against some of the projects we have studied.

It is important for project promoters to understand building facilities does not mean success will be achieved. There is a “mini building boom” across the United States. This boom has extended in some cases to communities that were not previously involved in sport tourism. New fields or courts must be in locations able to serve the needs of visitors, including the proper kinds of accommodations, restaurants, retail shopping and attractions of interest to visitors.

Tournament trips are often “mini-vacations” and destinations must deliver well rounded experiences to every tourist.

These new facilities should also be manages by people known in their sports. People deal with people they know and feel comfortable with. A new sports complex with equally “green management” is not likely to convince an event to leave a trusted destination.

Market Analysis

The first stage is designed to collect data that will indicate chances for success. The size of the market, its characteristics, a determination of unmet local needs, a SWOT analysis of the destination compared to its competitive set, and case histories on the performance and costs of similar facilities are all important elements to consider.

DSA is able to augment locally obtained research with knowledge of hundreds of sports facilities across the country. This kind of experience is earned, not researched.

A market analysis should include the possibilities for funding, proposed location(s), options for operation and management, and estimated costs.

Financial Analysis

If indicators seem promising, a three year financial pro forma is needed. Any new facility will take at least three years to reach a stabilized level of operation. Some will start slowly, and others booked heavily out of the gate. DSA looks at possible operating shortfalls and compares these losses with potential for increased tax collections. We do not recommend decisions based upon economic impact estimates. These are notoriously optimistic. Our experience suggests reliance on projections of direct appending and resulting taxes paid.

Customized Approach

Every market is different and every one of our studies reflect these differences. What might make sense in a recognized tourist destination may not look the same somewhere else. The ability of the new complex to succeed will also be impacted by other facilities in the region.

DSA Sports LLC learned long ago the importance of tempered expectations.

  • Don is an excellent resource with his vast sports facility and sport tourism experience. I have been a part of several projects that included Don and he has always been spot on with his recommendations. I have and will continue to recommend his services. He is the gold standard in our industry.
  • I had the distinct pleasure of working with Don when he consulted with the City of Round Rock on a facilities audit. Don went to great measures to research Round Rock, our facilities, user groups and potential for the future. With his experience and knowledge on a national level, the report was thorough and comprehensive and provided the information the City Council and City Manager needed to make tough decisions. Don’s consulting did not end with the delivery of the report. He continued to check with us to make sure we had all the information we needed and answer any questions we had.
  • Don Schumacher’s Analysis and Strategic Planning Report were precisely on point! Within two months of presenting the final report we were contracting new tournaments in our parks. The process and quick results far exceeded our expectations!
  • When we were creating the Cobb Sports Alliance we turned to the best in the sports business to help us – Don Schumacher. His thorough knowledge of the industry coupled with insightful research and a sports facility inventory assessment led our community to create a unique alliance that understands the power of working together to bring sports to our community. Three years later we still refer to Don’s work and insights to help guide our efforts. It was an exceptional project with exceptional results.
  • To build a successful program, you must first have a successful TEAM behind the effort. This includes outside 3rd party participation and someone who has “been there and done that”. Our choice was Don Schumacher & Associates. Don’s knowledge of the industry and industry/destination needs is second to none and he leads the field of sports tourism. When we decided it was time to build for the future, Don was the first person that we got involved with the project (2008 & 2013) for feasibility, research and consultation. This year that vision becomes reality. I personally recommend Don to other destinations because of his thorough work ethic.
  • I have been especially pleased at how Don shapes his recommendations for each destination as a unique opportunity, not merely repackaging information.
  • Don Schumacher's experience and knowledge of the sports travel industry is unrivaled. This was evident when Don conducted a strategic review of the Palm Beach County Sports Commission. After new sports facility development occurred in The Palm Beaches coupled with increased resources provided to our Sports Commission, Don was the first person I called to discuss strategies to prepare for the future. Don's analysis was insightful, detailed, and comprehensive. Applying his industry knowledge to our unique landscape allowed us to create a strategic plan to enhance operational efficiencies and grow our business. Furthermore, sourcing Don and his vast knowledge through the National Association of Sports Commissions brought our Sports Commission great credibility. Today, we are in the process of implementing changes to our organization and adopting a strategic plan based on recommendations offered by Don.